Ukrainian Women's Forum “The Role of Woman in ATO Zone”

May 21, 2017; Volnovakha, Donetsk oblast (Donbas region)

The idea of organizing Women’s Forum in Volnovakha was developed by female activists from Donbass region during International Business Forum “BusinessWOMAN 2017” which was held in Kyiv on April 8, 2017.

This idea was supported by Women's Council of Donbass and main organizer Magazine “BusinessWOMAN”, official partner Public Association Promin Ukraina and number of partners. Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development expresses gratitude to each partner organization for organizing the First Ukrainian Women's Forum in ATO Zone.

Organizing of this event is a clear message of concern, support and solidarity with all women in Donbass!  

ATO zone or Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone is a term used by media, publicity and government of Ukraine as well OSCE and other foreign institutions to identify Ukrainian territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (oblasts) under control of Russian military forces and pro-Russian separatists. A significant part of ATO zone is considered temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

The aim of Ukrainian Women's Forum “The role of Woman in ATO Zone” was the consolidation of women from politics, business, social, medical, educational, cultural spheres for establishing peace in Ukraine, support of children and active women in ATO zone; empowering women’s organizations and initiatives in Donbass region.

Participant of the forum participated in two thematic sections: "The role of women in ATO zone" and "Best practices of social and volunteer projects." In the first section of the forum participants discussed the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women in ATO zone; women's role in establishing peace, conflict prevention and resolution. The second section was devoted to the presentation of the best projects in the fields of education, culture, social security, sports, business, medicine, tourism and agriculture implemented by women in ATO zone, other regions of Ukraine and abroad.

According to Chairman of the Organizing Committee Anna Krysyuk, organizers of the forum were impressed by number of participant's ideas: “We are pleasantly surprised by so active female participation in the Forum. It pleases because evidence of their desire for change and self-education. The issues that participants raised during discussions were loud call for help and support”.

Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development team noted the issues and challenges that were raised by women in Donbass during the Forum and would work on them on the frames of our future initiatives. We sincerely believe in Women of Donbass and ready to support them by our expertise, help and common activities.

Women of ATO zone, we are proud how strong you are!