June 15, 2017; Kyiv, Ukraine

Lecture “Ukraine in a Global World” was made by Daria Mustafina, Director of IPSD on a solemn opening of Alumni Exhibition dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of U.S.- Ukrainian Diplomatic Relations. Lecture raised a question: “How to make a difference in the World and what is the role of Ukraine in overcoming global challenges?”

Main massages of this lecture to Alumni Network:

  • Understand Global Issues. Sustainable Development Goals 2030

  • Explore Experience and learn the History of other countries

  • Be The Voice of Those Who Can’t Speak

  • “Be the Change you want to see in the world”, - Mahatma Gandhi

  • Be Tolerant

  • Respect the TIME and note its passing. “The best time to plant a tree was forty years ago. The second best time is today”

  • Be a HUMAN BEING. Peace is Humanity without borders.

  • Enjoy your life vs work hard. HAPPINESS is a Journey, not a destination. Do what you passionate about.

  • Build the BRAIN you want.  Be a Lifelong learner.

  • “Knowledge is only Potential Power. For the power to be manifested, it must be applied”

  • Done is better than perfect

  • Connect the Networks. We can bring a change only Together

  • Change is the only constant thing in this World. Ukraine on the World Map

    as innovative and highly developed country.

IPSD Team congratulates Daria with presentation of her personal and our common achievements on the frames of Alumni Exhibition, we are proud to be one team and work together to change this world for better!