Humanity without borders

March 21-27, 2016 Ukraine, Lviv

Trust is an Essential Ingredient in Building Peace, Justice and Security.
International TRUST Camps aim to build bridges between cultures and societies through dialogue and cooperation, and to reinforce the global commitment to live together in mutual tolerance, respect and peace.
Peace is more than just the absence of conflict. Peace is the presence of mutually respectful relationships among individuals and groups. Those relationships enable disputes to be handled with tact, understanding, and a recognition that everyone shares some common interests. At the heart of those relationships is trust.
Trust is the glue that holds relationships, societies, and economies together. Violent conflict results in the breakdown of trust and that is why rebuilding it is a core element of our approach. By working with all sectors and levels of society to develop a common vision for the future, we contribute to increased mutual understanding and the rebuilding of trust.
Trust cannot be coerced, delivered, or manufactured. It develops through a process of collective engagement and through a commitment to a common purpose.
International Trust Camp organized by Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development was held in Lviv (Ukraine) on March 21-27, 2016.
We believe in Humanity without borders. Camp brought together representatives from 12 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Germany, Kosovo, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, USA. Main idea was to share lessons learned and best practices from different countries in democratic transitions, while addressing topics like peace, identity, and citizen action.
International Trust Camps aim to develop the capacity, skills and participant’s experience on understanding and defining concepts such as identity, stereotypes, discrimination, violence, conflict and peace as well as meaning of those in peace building, conflict transformation and conflict analysis processes.
On the frames of International Trust Camp 2016 IPSD organized:
Discussion “What is Peace for me and for my country”, moderated by Daria Mustafina, Ukraine, Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development.
Presentations of participants “Lessons from the history of my country”
Expert presentations and analytical sessions on topics:
  • The Influence of education on conflict and peace, Anita Mitic (Serbia, Director of Youth Initiative for Human Rights);
  • Linkages between democracy and security, Mane Torosyan (Armenia, The International Center for Human Development);
  • How globalization process is affecting on our lives and Peace building, Niniko Lekishvili, (Georgia, Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives);
  • Refugee and migrant crisis in Germany, Erzsébet Lajos (Germany, Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa eV).
  • Dealing with propaganda on personal level; inside the country and internationally, moderated by Nikolay Artemenko and Konstantin Golokteev (Russian Federation, Youth Democratic movement “Vesna”);
  • Global campaign to help release political prisoners, Yelena Viner (USA, World Movement for Democracy, National Endowment for Democracy).
Almost all of the countries of the post-soviet space are currently, or have previously been experiencing, violent conflict as a result of political instability, governance failures, and/or geopolitical changes with repercussions for regional stability and peace. While in Donbass, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ossetia, Transnistria the conflicts still remain “hot,” while again and again we hear the sad news of terror attacks in Middle East and Europe, all of the countries are facing the long-term consequences of armed violence and the large-scale displacement of populations, including not only direct human suffering and trauma but also continued economic under-development, social rifts, and serious defaults in democratic governance.
Big variety of lessons from the history of Balkan, EU, Eastern Partnership and Black Sea Region countries were shared. International Trust Camp 2016 brought people from different countries with different backgrounds, different history interpretation and understanding the past and future of nations; people from Ukraine and Russia who were affected by the conflict in Donbass and Crimea; people from Azerbaijan and Armenia, affected by Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, some of them had different perspectives and opposite opinions… but what was important that everyone agreed necessarily of restoring trust through dialogue and understanding.
Image Theatre and Forum Theatre were organized by Nina Khodorivska. The participants were reflected on what are peace and conflict, oppression and justice through the images and performance.
On the frames of ITC 2016 we started worldwide information peace campaign “What is Peace for me and my country”.
We shared our Message to Humanity. Message of Young People from countries which are in a conflict. Message of Peace, Trust, Respect and Love. We are united in our Vision of the Future.
“Dear Friends, thank you very much for your passion to make this World a Better Place, ideas, deep and very interesting discussions, professionalism, sharing lessons from the history of your countries, personal experience and stories; different perspectives on wide range of topics (like concepts of peace and conflict, influence of education and critical thinking, linkages between democracy and security, refugee topic, dealing with propaganda and much more). Thank you for your openness, cooperation and understanding that We Can Bend this Reality Together! We believe in Humanity without borders thanks to you! It was amazing and very valuable to spend a week with you in beautiful Lviv in Ukraine. You are great People. We wish all your countries to live in peace. And we are sure that your will bring better future to this World. It's only beginning!”, -
Sincerely Yours,
Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development Team.