“PEACE is about resolving conflict without violence.

RESPECT for local culture and belief in the power of local capacities, ideas and solutions.

TRUST between people is a critical foundation for lasting peace.

INTEGRITY in ensuring that we are principled, forthright and sincere.

PARTICIPATION is key as active interaction transforms relationships”.

It's our Message to Humanity. Message of Young People from countries which are in a conflict. Message of Peace, Trust, Respect and Love. Every day we are fighting with each other, we lose our friends, families and native people on a war, we see the disruption effect of war at our countries and people's lives, we hear gunshots and bomb explosion, we see destroyed schools and houses, wounded, maimed and killed people.
We want to stop this; we want Live in Peace. We are united in our Vision of the Future.
Please help us to make life safer, peaceful and happy to People all around the World.
We recognized importance of the topic and big diversity of understanding concept of Peace.
"What is Peace for me and for my country?"
“First of all, peace means hundreds and thousands of saved human lives. It means that no young men die at the armed clashes thus getting a chance to fall in love and marry, dream and make plans for the future, take education and see the world. Peace means an opportunity to take care for beloved ones, enjoy their presence and believe in the bright future”, - Mane Torosyan (Armenia).
“Pease for me - to live in understanding and looking for happiness, not war”, - Ramiz Aliyev (Azerbaijan).
“Frankly speaking I have never known peace in my county, I was born in the middle of war, I experienced it one more time at 2008 and even today, I have fear that one-day voice of someone bombing my county will wake me up in the morning. So I guess only Time I will know peace is when this fear will be gone, when I will feel safe, when I will be able to go everywhere in my county, in places which belongs to us legally, and not be afraid, when freedom, independence and unity of county won’t be just a words and they will gain their true meaning”, - Nino Lekishvili (Georgia).
“It is idea of friendship and love which sounds too idealistic and naive for me. All the time humankind passes through the conflicts and wars. Even the title of famous novel by Leo Tolstoy begins from the word "War". Therefore, it is a dreamlike in well-known song "Imagine" by John Lennon. Nevertheless, to live without dreams in our present world it means to stop progressing and developing. So "Miru Mir" like we are saying in Russian or Peace to the World!”, - Stanislav Tsymzytov (Russia).
“For me personally ‘peace’ means inner tranquillity, complete understanding and presence in a moment. As for my opinion about peace for my country, it is high common level of culture, moral and mutual respect; strong army, quality education and developed technology. Also it is unity in ideology of personal responsibility of each society member for overall wellbeing”, - Vitaliy Gorobets (Ukraine).
Youth from different countries all over the World started Campaign “What is Peace for me and for my country”.
Please, join our Worldwide campaign, write Your Message to the World and share what Peace means for you and your country. Use hashtag #Peaceis and one more hashtag with name of your country. You can share also our message in your country. Share this video among your friends, relatives, communities; upload it at your websites, media, social networks. We can Band Reality and make this World a better place all together! And hope we’ll have an opportunity to meet you on the next International Trust Camp. Let's create better future together!
Video was created by Young People from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Germany, Kosovo, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, USA at the "International Trust Camp", organized on March 21-27, 2016 in Ukraine by Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development and supported by Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation. Idea: Daria Mustafina. Video production: Bohdan Koshyk (GODGIVEN MEDIA). Thanks to Vadim Rybin for great photos. Support for the Project is provided by The Black Sea Trust, A Project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. Opinions expressed in the written or electronic publications do not necessarily represent those of the Black Sea Trust, the German Marshall Fund, or its partners.