About Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development

Institute of Partnership and Sustainable Development is Community of Freedom Lovers, Change Makers and Experts.

Our aim is promoting sustainable development based on coordination and harmonization of social, economic and environmental components, partnership, transparency, promoting ideas of human rights, peace, the use of advances of civilization, establishing principles of humanity, values of democracy and open civil society, promoting intellectual and creative human potential.

Our Activities:

Facilitating transition of Ukraine to sustainable development, promoting Sustainable Development Goals 2030 across the Globe;
Establishing communication, partnership and cooperation between state and local authorities, public and government officials, representatives of business, academia and civil society. The development of Public-private partnerships;
Promoting of process of decentralization, local development, supporting initiatives at the local level;
Protection of human rights and freedoms, promoting equality and quality education, development of civil society and democratic values;
Organizing of intercultural dialogue and peace building;
Entrepreneurship development, improving the business climate, investment attractiveness and competitiveness of Ukraine;
Development innovations and formation of National Innovation System in Ukraine.



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